How do you sum up 65 years of a church’s life? What makes the highlight reel, and what gets forgotten?

Babies are born,
young people get married,
new believers are baptized,
mission trips are taken,
the dead are buried,
and people come and go.

Only one constant holds steady through the years: that in all our joy, pain, laughter, and tears, Christ was present among us.

In the 50s, a plot of land was purchased for $6,000.
In the 60s, we took on Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in the baseball finals.
In the 70s, we buried E.H. Rowe, our choir director and friend.
In the 80s, two churches, one White and one Filipino, became one family.
In the 90s, we bought new playground equipment for the kids.
In the 00s, our Sunday School celebrated Jesus’ birthday with a big cake.
In the 10s, a hammer ‘escaped’ from Teody on a Mexico mission trip.

And in every decade, Christ was present. This leaves us to wonder… where will Christ be present next?